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Online Media Kit
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Did You Know?

That the website is the most active website in the floral industry? Yes, each day over 1,266 people visit our website. And, these aren’t just any people; these are the new breed of floral design enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, floral shop owners, studio designers, free lance designers, wedding specialists, event designers, caterers, teachers and students. They are the innovative, decision making professionals representing the future of the floral industry.

Not only do they visit they stay and explore our site; they view our online floral design video clips, our floral design demonstration slide shows, our Blog, and our reference libraries. Each day, over 3,806 pages are viewed on our site.

Advertisers on the website enjoy an average of 20,000 ad impressions each month with a click through rate of 0.40%

We have three opportunities for you to advertise on the Floral Design Institute Website.

One, Home Page Sideboard Ad; Place you advertisement where every visitor to our website can see it. The Sideboard Ad size is 225 pixels wide by 700 pixels high and can link directly to your website. There will be no more than five ads in rotation in this position.  An example of the Home Page Sideboard Ad can be seen above.

Two, Second Page Sideboard Ads; These ads appear on all five of our primary navigation pages including our most popular, "Resources - Classes - and Leanne's Blog" pages. The Banner Ad size is 225 pixels wide by 225 pixels high. Banner ads load on the right side of each Second Page, ad position rotates from top to bottom. An example of Second Page Sideboard Ads can be see on the right.

Three, FlowerSchool Video Clips; in the year 2015 there were over 2,115,790 views of our FlowerSchool video clips. Advertisers can expect 2,000 views of their ad in the first week after the launch of a new video clip.  The video clip ad size is 540 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Click on the following link to see an example of a FlowerSchool Video Clip Ad.

Web ads need to be submitted complete and ready to upload to our website.  All ads must undergo an approval process.  At this time, only static ads will be considered for approval.  All ads must be submitted to   Please send all questions to   Or feel free to call 1-800-8089, ask for David Kesler.


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   Website Traffic Stats

   Total Annual Site Visits                 463,339
   Total Unique Visitors                     194,713
   Total Page Views                       1,393,450
   Total Annual Video Views          2,115,790
   Total Email Permission List             23,879

      Data verified by Web Trends Marketing Lab and e-campaign


Ad Pricing

Home Page Sideboard Ads     $950/month
Second Page Sideboard Ads  $550/month
Sponsored Video Clip               $1,400/clip

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