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The FlowerSchool Video Library is the world’s largest collection of on-line floral design video demonstrations. Subjects range from flower care and handling, design basics and wedding flowers, to advanced design techniques and styles.  This library is viewed by thousands of floral design professionals and students throughout the world every day.  Produced exclusively by Floral Design Institute, the video clips in this library are free to all.  Enjoy!  Yes, we are still loading this page.  For even more video clips, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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The Thanksgiving holiday is a celebration of family and friends.  In this video clip Leanne shares the joy of involving everyone, especially the children in creating floral designs.  She demonstrates how to create a dramatic floral centerpiece that is both beautiful and easy to create.  Enjoy!


A key trend in weddings for 2015 is “personalization”.  Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, special and personalized.  Brides are choosing special songs, personal colors, monograms and signature cocktails.  A creative way to personalize flowers is to use the imprinted blossoms from Speakingroses.com. Leanne creates a unique wedding centerpiece as she demonstrates the use of beautiful imprinted roses.


Rich and luxurious, metallic gold and silver are on trend for this holiday season.  In this video clip Leanne demonstrates how to create Galax leaf rosettes.  She then gilds the rosettes and fashions a dramatic rosette wreath. Enjoy!


Late autumn is a challenging time for floral designers.  The seasons and holidays change without clear distinction.  Autumn, Halloween, Winter, and Christmas seemingly blend together.  In this video clip Leanne creates a dramatic centerpiece that transcends the seasons.  Enjoy!


As professional florists enter the holiday sales season it is important to remember that the best way to bring awareness to flowers is to wear flowers.  In this video clip Leanne shares ideas for promoting flower sales as she demonstrates autumn flowers to wear designs.

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added Nov 19, 2014

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added Oct 29, 2014

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Halloween Party Floral Design

added Oct 03, 2014

Christmas Trends

added Sep 20, 2014

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added Sep 11, 2014

Autumn Radiance

added Aug 29, 2014

Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase

added Aug 22, 2014

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