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The FlowerSchool Video Library is the world’s largest collection of on-line floral design video demonstrations. Subjects range from flower care and handling, design basics and wedding flowers, to advanced design techniques and styles.  This library is viewed by thousands of floral design professionals and students throughout the world every day.  Produced exclusively by Floral Design Institute, the video clips in this library are free to all.  Enjoy!  Yes, we are still loading this page.  For even more video clips, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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In this video demonstration Leanne goes beyond the traditional roses, red, white and pink of Valentine’s Day and creates a custom vases filled sunshine bright blossoms.  Be adventerous and enjoy the wide variety of colorful spring flowers. 


BJ Dyer AIFD is the owner of the award-winning Denver retail showplace, “Bouquets” specializing in custom events decor. Selected by Bon Appetit Magazine: “among America’s top ten florists”.  BJ was a presenter at Inspirational Design Days 2016 sponsored by Leanne’s interview with BJ is a delightful insight into the changing world of floral design.  New floral designers will love BJ’s valuable lessons.


It is time for a lesson in advanced floral design.  In this video clip Leanne demonstrates the creation of dramatic formal linear styled bridal bouquet as she discusses the elements an principles of floral design and the use of line.  This is a design that you will want to practice.  Enjoy!


Leanne has long been a fan of Floral Designer / Artist Susan McLeary from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Susan is considered one of this country’s top designers of floral wearables and living jewelry and was a featured designer at the Inspirational Design Days 2016 sponsored by  You will enjoy her frank discussion on balancing a floral design career and family.


Botanical jewelry is currently one of the hottest trends in floral design.  No, it’s not a fad.  Botanical jewelry is here to stay.  In this video clip Leanne demonstrates the techniques for creating a gorgeous wrist corsage using miniature succulents, orchids and lots of bling.  But, you do need to practice these techniques.  Make a corsage for yourself, wear the corsage, enjoy it and “Do Something You Love”. 

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added Feb 06, 2016

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added Feb 04, 2016

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added Jan 26, 2016

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added Jan 24, 2016

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added Dec 03, 2015

Frozen Themed Christmas Centerpiece

added Nov 27, 2015

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